Originating out of the fertile landscape of Philippines, Toptrend Gaming has been a leading casino software developer for over a decade. While this company might not necessarily be the go to game developer within the international parameters, they have nonetheless grown into one of the premier producers in their home market. There are numerous reasons why Top Trend has blossomed into one of the leading casino developer companies around the globe. Their target market, the gaming public in Asia, has continued to grow with the constant addition of fresh gambling software and games to their stable of offerings. The following highlights the five main reasons why Top Trend Gaming has established a strong presence on the offshore gaming scene.

A Major Engine – Among the many formidable game developer teams, Top Trend Gaming has developed their proprietary online engine. Utilized by all Top Trend gaming platforms, this engine enables them to create games that can be played on any platform. In the case of slots and video poker, this engine handles the conversion of a player’s computer screen into a digital version of a live casino table. This functionality has made the use of Top Trend gaming engines the driving force behind their popularity amongst the online casino community. In addition to this, they also support HTML5 gaming on their web pages.

5. Free Slots With Every Game – Top Trend Gaming has developed a number of freeware slot games for both online and downloadable casinos. As with any free online game, there is always the risk involved with playing free slots. However, this opportunity has led to the introduction of new freeware versions which have added further enhancements to the overall user experience. Additionally, free spins have allowed players to experience the online slot world without having to commit any cash. The majority of online gambling casinos allow players to play free slots for no charge at all.

6. Reels and Slots – There is no doubt that Top Trend Gaming has succeeded in providing players with a vast amount of slots games. Their variety of freeware slots reels allows players to enjoy hours of entertainment no matter how complex the game. In addition, the variety of slots games, wilds and reels has led to the emergence of different sub-sets within the Wilds of slots. Players can opt to play the traditional slots games or delve into the more exotic slots reel offerings such as the Chinese Jackpot, Microlot and High Stakes Auto slots.

7. Free Ride on Online Freeroll Poker Games – One of the most popular online casinos that features freeroll gaming opportunities is Top Trend Gaming. Top Trend Gaming offers freeroll games in a variety of flavors such as tournament action, money matches, sit and go, and other special promotions. To add spice to freeroll games, Top Trend Gaming provides a large number of freeroll tournaments that pit single players against other single players. These tournaments give players an opportunity to enter a monthly tournament for a small fee. The monthly tournaments are among the most popular free roll tournaments offered at online casinos.

8. Free Roll Online Raffles – Another exciting offering from Top Trend Gaming is their free roll online raffle. The free roll raffle is one of their most popular promotions, which allows players the opportunity to win cash and prizes in a number of poker games including Texas Holdem. This promotion also allows players the opportunity to experience freeroll gaming at the best available games available on the internet. A few of these games include Caribbean Stud Poker, Craps Bonus Poker, Draw Poker, Baccarat, Video Poker, and more.

9. World Class Service – Top Trend Gaming takes pride in offering the very best in online casino services. They offer high quality customer service, security, and service when it comes to purchasing, hosting, and playing at their casino games. They work hard to ensure that all of their customers are provided with personal service that is unmatched in their industry. They want to make sure that they meet the needs of their clients. They also offer a full service in terms of software, freeroll gaming, maintenance and setup, as well as customer service.

10. Freeroll Online Games – Top Trend Gaming has been known to have the best freeroll offerings in all of the online casino games that they offer. The freeroll feature in craps gives every player the chance to win big in a poker game. These freeroll games are very popular and have been popular for years. You will not find a better offer in free casino games than the freeroll games, so you should definitely consider them when you are looking for free online casino gaming.

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